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For a long time I have tried to understand why people think the way they do.To me, some people’s line of reasoning is so far out of line, it is incomprehensible how they can believe what they do and think it makes sense.I understand that not everyone thinks the same,no one thinks they should, but for some, their line of reasoning is so far out of line, there is no way what they believe can work or be useful in the real world.I happened to be watching a movie tonight and a statement was made that made it all make sense.The movie was called “Premonition” and Sandra Bullock was asking a priest for advice about a premonition she had.During the conversation the priest remarked,” People who have lost their spiritual beliefs are taken over by a force greater than themselves.” I’m paraphrasing, but that was the meat of the statement. The priest went on to say that they then begin to belief absurd things.When people fall away from their spiritual foundation, they begin to believe anything. Their reality changes.Nature abhors a vacuum, when a person loses their individual beliefs, a vacuum is created and something is going to rush in and fill that vacuum. This is a natural event and happens to many people. Most of us at some point in our lives question what we believe and many times we change our perspective completely.As this is happening in our lives it is important to remember to keep one foot planted firmly on the ground as we are reaching for the stars. What is real must always be kept in mind.If one foot isn’t grounded in reality, we tend to create an unrealistic reality, and begin believing everything and anything. That is what is happening to many souls, they actually begin to believe their absurdity, they no longer think objectively and they don’t even realize it.We are living in a changing society and nothing can be done to stop many of the adjustments that are being made to our lives. Having said that, we need to hold onto the basic truths and knowledge that has guided society from the beginning of time, those unchanging truths that are called the Laws of Nature, Nature’s Laws, or the Laws of God, or Nature’s God.Many are living in an entirely different universe, they have replaced God with government, and mistakenly believe all solutions come from elected officials.They have lost their birthright, God provides the answers, the God within, not government.Even the founding documents of our country state this.You have to believe in something bigger than yourself.

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Passing by the local park on my way home last weekend, I had the sudden urge to stop in my tracks. The sound that came from the park was so magical, so pure and honest and gentle and it just made me want to stay there, listening to it forever.It was a little girl. She had to be about four years old, and she was running around in circles with a balloon in her hand. That was it. Just a balloon, and already her day-and everyone else’s around her-was instantly better. It’s amazing what a genuinely happy heart can do.And as I stood there basking in the afterglow of her laughter, it made me wonder why we could never be like that. Whatever happened to being sincerely happy? Does being an adult immediately mean we lose all joy in life?I refuse to believe that.Anybody can be happy-it’s all a matter of our outlook in life. And if we slowly try to see our situations in a different way, we, too, can be like that giggling child in the park.Happy people wake up early.Make it a habit to wake up early. It might take some getting used to, especially if you’re not a morning person, but once you get the hang of it, you’re going to realize how wonderful it feels. Waking up a few hours earlier than your regular call time won’t make you feel rushed and hurried. It gives you the luxury of taking a deep breath first thing in the morning and enjoying the chirping of the birds and the refreshing breeze. It lets you bask in the beauty of the sunrise and slowly go about your routines. This way, you can appreciate your warm bath, the aroma of your coffee, and even the morning commute. Think of it this way-waking up early gives you the gift of time, and it provides you with a couple of hours to spare before you have to start your day. Who wouldn’t be happier this way?Happy people look for the silver lining.Instead of focusing on all the frustrating things happening in your life, why not look at them from a different angle? If you’ve been waiting forever at the doctor’s clinic and the line is a mile long, take the opportunity to catch up on your reading. You wouldn’t want to just leave your books withering away on your nightstand, would you? If you’ve got a mountain of paperwork you need to finish, look at it as building your portfolio. Everything you’re doing for work right now can be used to build your experience and beef up your resume. This will keep you motivated to put in 100% of your effort in what you do. And if you’re stuck in a major traffic jam with no way out, be grateful for the chance to be alone with your thoughts. Here’s that peace and quiet you’ve been asking for weeks; let your mind wander. Relax. Meditate. Indulge in some “me time”. If you have a companion on the road, then that’s even better. What are long car rides for if not for bonding with your loved one?Happy people know their place in society.The pressures of society and keeping up with everyone’s expectations but your own can weigh heavily on your soul. If other people around you are bringing you down, ignore them-you don’t need toxic people mucking up your life. Do you honestly want to live your life for someone else and end up an old and miserable fool? Remember that you can’t please everyone, so the best thing you can do is just be yourself. When you finally find your own place in society, you will be happier for it-and the world should be, too!Happy people accept heartbreak.There’s nothing more shattering to the self than a broken heart. While the cuts may take time to heal, there’s nothing that time cannot mend. Happy people know and accept that pain and heart ache are part of life. It’s healthy to wallow in self-pity for a while, but the next step is to get up and learn to love yourself. There’s really no point in dwelling in your pain forever. Acknowledge the hurt and let it strengthen you. Then, when the wounds have become nothing more than old scars, move on. Remember-scarred people are beautiful!Happy people make mistakes.Nobody is perfect. Living your life trying to be flawless will not only drain you of all your energy, but it will also leave you feeling unfulfilled for the rest of your short days on earth. Cut yourself some slack and leave room for mistakes. Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s okay to slip up every once in a while. Mistakes teach us how to strive and be better the next time around, and happy people know that. After all, it took a chance mistake to invent the Post-It and everyone’s favorite potato chips, so you never really know until you screw up!

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Exceptional sales people are distinctive from others because they largely possess 10 qualities. You can imagine how anyone possessing these qualities easily outperforms others:1. Emotional Intelligence: Exceptional sales people have a high emotional intelligence. In their article, “Key Skills for Raising Emotional Intelligence,” Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., and Melinda Smith, M.A. describe emotional intelligence as “the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Emotional intelligence impacts many different aspects of your daily life, such as the way you behave and the way you interact with others.” As Salespeople’s lives involve constant interaction with others, all with unique personalities and problems, emotional intelligence is essential for success. The great representatives possess and nurture this quality.2. Communication: Successful sales people communicate effectively. They listen to their customers, what their customer’s say in both words and speech. They also listen to what customers do not say as well as read their body language. Then they check to ensure they understood. Expertly, they speak the customer’s language. Great sales people enhance their communication with effective body language to ensure customer’s understand.3. Likable: Successful sales people are naturally personable, empathetic and skilled. They make a great first impression since first impressions are lasting and challenging to change. They know and actively practice the art of rapport building from their very first meeting. As such, customers feel a strong bond with their representative and a corresponding desire to help him/her.4. High Ethical Standard: Successful sales people value their reputation and are highly ethical. They see their employer and customer’s as an extension of themselves. As such, successful are trustworthy, truthful, and naturally compliant to a strict personal code of conduct. They would never compromise regardless of the cost, either personal or otherwise. They believe in their products or services, and the value they provide everyone. Therefore, they come to serve.5. Confident: Successful sales people believe in themselves and their products or services, and their value. This shows in the way they speak and act. However, they are not so overconfident as to be presumptuous. While they communicate confidence to others, they have humility to maintain a proper balance.6. Flexible/adaptable: Life is always changing, especially for the sales person. Products, partners, companies and products are in constant motion. On a day to day basis, representative maintain productivity despite cancelled appointments, emergency customer needs, and rejection. Even in cases of work force reductions, the successful sales person can take it in stride and is ready for his/her next success story.7. Goal Setters: Successful sales people have short and long range goals that drive them and keep them focused. These are not just words written on some paper that they soon forget about. Rather, these goals come from deep within; they are desires and yearnings that truly motivate them to accomplish what some consider the impossible.8. Enthusiastic: Successful sales people are positive and excited about life. Not only do they look at the glass as half full rather than half-empty, but they are eager to fill it the rest of the way. Their excitement naturally elicits warmth and enthusiasm from those around them, just as their smile does.9. Self-starters: No one needs to plan their work or tell them what to do. They are up and doing what they should because they want to; it’s part of who they are. Most are fiercely independent. Managers of exceptional sales people just let go of the rains and let them work unhampered.10. Hard workers: Exceptional sales people have strong work ethics that compel them to make the most of their time on the job, working both hard and smart. Whether they make 1 sales call or 100, they can look back and take pride in their accomplishments. Laziness is not in a successful salesperson’s vocabulary. Although they maintain their work life balance, they take their work seriously with the aim for maximum productivity. They are often are at their first and last calls, well before and after the lazy representatives, not for the competitive edge but because it’s what they do. As a result, their stats and numbers are better than others.