Why Do People Think Like They Do? | lasvegasweldingsupplies.info

For a long time I have tried to understand why people think the way they do.To me, some people’s line of reasoning is so far out of line, it is incomprehensible how they can believe what they do and think it makes sense.I understand that not everyone thinks the same,no one thinks they should, but for some, their line of reasoning is so far out of line, there is no way what they believe can work or be useful in the real world.I happened to be watching a movie tonight and a statement was made that made it all make sense.The movie was called “Premonition” and Sandra Bullock was asking a priest for advice about a premonition she had.During the conversation the priest remarked,” People who have lost their spiritual beliefs are taken over by a force greater than themselves.” I’m paraphrasing, but that was the meat of the statement. The priest went on to say that they then begin to belief absurd things.When people fall away from their spiritual foundation, they begin to believe anything. Their reality changes.Nature abhors a vacuum, when a person loses their individual beliefs, a vacuum is created and something is going to rush in and fill that vacuum. This is a natural event and happens to many people. Most of us at some point in our lives question what we believe and many times we change our perspective completely.As this is happening in our lives it is important to remember to keep one foot planted firmly on the ground as we are reaching for the stars. What is real must always be kept in mind.If one foot isn’t grounded in reality, we tend to create an unrealistic reality, and begin believing everything and anything. That is what is happening to many souls, they actually begin to believe their absurdity, they no longer think objectively and they don’t even realize it.We are living in a changing society and nothing can be done to stop many of the adjustments that are being made to our lives. Having said that, we need to hold onto the basic truths and knowledge that has guided society from the beginning of time, those unchanging truths that are called the Laws of Nature, Nature’s Laws, or the Laws of God, or Nature’s God.Many are living in an entirely different universe, they have replaced God with government, and mistakenly believe all solutions come from elected officials.They have lost their birthright, God provides the answers, the God within, not government.Even the founding documents of our country state this.You have to believe in something bigger than yourself.